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​현재 본사 시스템의 문제로 멤버십 서비스가 잠정 중단되었습니다. 최대한 빠른 시일 내에 복구할 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다. 이해해 주셔서 감사합니다.

When you become a member, you will have access to up to five lessons every month for up to three months. 

The new curriculum will be uploaded on the 15th of every month.


Each lesson includes four items.

1. Winnie's Today's Project Video

Includes Winnie's Today's project videos that complement the curriculum, helping you to teach efficiently and smoothly.

2. Winnie's Today's Project Video Script

Includes Today's project videos script helps you and your student understand the project.

Winnie's Script
3. PDF Teaching Guide

Teaching guides and materials lists are provided with the curriculum, helping you plan your lessons with ease.

4. Sample Drawing Video

Teaching guides video helping you to make class sample with ease.

We are a streaming service. You will have access online to view the curriculum, Winnie's videos, and teaching guides. The materials are not downloadable.
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