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Bluewinnie Art is,

Created out of love for art and children. We aim to help students discover a love of the arts by providing an enjoyable curriculum where they can freely express their innate creative minds and expand their understanding of the world.

We specialize in art curriculum for children ages 5 to 10 years old.

Bluewinnie Art was founded on over 20 years of experience as a 3D artist in a major film studio, AAA video game industry, and research institutes such as the University of Southern California (Virtual Human Project), Stanford University, and Northeastern University.


Our professionally-developed programs are suited for educators of all experience levels and backgrounds. Whether you are just getting started in art education or a veteran educator seeking to expand your scope, we make teaching quality art lessons easy and accessible with a subscription model.

Why Bluewinnie Art?

Satisfy teachers, parents and children


Curriculum that every teacher cares about.

What type of art education would suit 5-10 years old children?

What material will make the project more interesting?

Teaching guides and materials lists are provided with the curriculum, helping you plan your lessons with ease.



Don't want to spend it on blind art classes like simple hand practice or tracing?

Winnie's today's project video makes the children ponder on what they are drawing today, what the background is, and their own new ideas, so that even if all children draw on the same subject, the work can be completed according to their individuality.


Creativity doesn't have to be a miracle from nothing. Creating new and useful combinations based on accumulated experience or data is also creativity.


You can develop your own creativity by watching Winnie's video, which induces creative ideas to be expressed through explanations, understanding, and data rather than recklessly demanding creativity.

Bluewinnie Art is helping you plan your class with ease.

Be Happy. Be Creative. Be You. 

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